Welcome To Fairfax on Pivot TV

About Welcome To Fairfax

On a four-block stretch in Los Angeles, a new generation of creative entrepreneurs—musicians, athletes, artists, and designers —are changing the landscape of street culture as we know it. Welcome to Fairfax.  

Welcome to Fairfax is a new series on Pivot TV that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant, artistic, singular culture that has emerged in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, seen through the eyes of the young visionaries who inhabit it. A do-it-yourself code powers everyone, while collaborations across music, fashion, art, and action sports unite the creators as they build their own brand and images. Regardless of what path they take, though, the hustle always starts on Fairfax.

Inspired by the innovative cast of Welcome to Fairfax, who is reinventing the American Dream to make it their own, Pivot TV has teamed up with a coalition of NGOs to create "Welcome to Possibility," a campaign with a mission to provide aspiring business-owners with the tools to make their vision a reality.  They have created this digital toolkit with the resources needed to be your own boss.