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Recycling is the No. 1 action we can take for the environment, the economy, and our future on this planet.

about the campaign

Inspired by Terracycle’s mission, Pivot has joined forces with Recycle Across America to create Let's Recycle Right, a campaign focused on helping individuals, businesses, and communities improve recycling levels to create a more sustainable future. Recycle Across America has identified a simple solution to increase recycling levels in the U.S. — standardized labels on recycling bins, which make it easy for people to recycle more and recycle right. By increasing recycling levels, we can create jobs, save energy, and improve the health and well-being of our planet.

How Does Recycling Affect Our Oceans?

What Happens to Your Waste When You Don't 'Recycle Right'?

2 Ways To Take Action

One of the best places to create systemic change in the world is in K–12 schools. Young people are passionate about the planet, and the use of Recycle Across America’s standardized labels on school bins can help the next generation become lifelong recyclers.

With your support, Recycle Across America can make sure that more schools receive these labels:


Recycle Right At Work

Order Standardized Labels

You recycle at home, but did you know less than 10% of businesses recycle? Expand your impact and get your office recycling right by implementing Recycle Across America’s standardized recycling labels, which have increased recycling levels by over 50% at some of the most notable organizations in the world. Organizations and schools can significantly decrease expenses by diverting more materials into recycling bins and out of landfill-bound trash cans.

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