Food for Thought – All September Long on Pivot

All September-Long on Pivot

Trailer: Cooking At World's End ('Food For Thought' on Pivot)

About Food For Thought

Let’s face it – our world has a problem with food. From hunger to sustainability to accessibility, people all over the world are constantly presented with critical choices that affect our health, our economy, and our livelihoods. It's a bigger issue than just what we put on our plates, and it’s time we started asking ourselves – can we make healthier choices?

That's why every September, Pivot's broadcasts an entire month of films and shows inspiring us to think differently about food.

Because we believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food, we’re also teaming up with TakePart to raise our voice and tell Congress to not cut food stamp benefits for women and children in America.

Welcome, and enjoy Food For Thought on Pivot.


There’s so much to chew on this September. Every Wednesday and Sunday, Pivot will air a healthy course of films and shows that takes a good look at what we put on our plates. Hungry for more?

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 Did you know that more than 70% of SNAP (food stamp) benefits go to households with children? Help ensure a healthy future for all children— tell Congress to retain SNAP benefits for millions of families!

Family farmers play a significant role in food security and sustainable development. Urge your representatives to support family farmers!

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Do you know where your food actually comes from? In TakePart’s “Follow Your Food” series, you can take a close look at the journey your food takes from its source to your plate.

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