'Dark Rye'

Inspired by the dreamers and doers who are positively impacting their communities and jumpstarting imaginations, Dark Rye's topics range from artists seeking social justice to entrepreneurs rebuilding Detroit to culinary masters maintaining sustainable food traditions. Dark Rye is hosted by sea forager Kirk Lombard and airs only on Pivot TV.

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    Plate Spinner, Acrobat, Movie Star—This Is Why 'Dark Rye' Loves Kumar Pallana
  • 2:28
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    Can You Make Sense of Wine Like a Master Sommelier?
  • 3:45
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    Beer + Chocolate. ‘Dark Rye’ Brings You Even More Denmark
  • 4:08
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    Ashley English Hosts Us for a Potluck
  • 3:22
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    Sustainable Farming in the Desert? Take a Dip in the Garden Pool on 'Dark Rye'
  • 4:29
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    This Woman Has an Itty-Bitty Farm in the City—Here’s the Amazing Way She’s Making It Work
  • 3:33
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    Worshipping Seitan—Turning a Vegetarian’s Passion into a Business
  • 4:11
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    These Energy Innovators Are Taking The Heat Off The Fossil Fuel Industry
  • 4:09
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    The Art of Making Sweet Memories in the Kitchen
  • 4:48
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    This Couple Pushed Themselves to Their Limit, and a Business Was Born

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