Tools to Protect the Oceans

No matter where you live, these downloadable wallet cards offer easy ways to be an ocean-friendly consumer.

Smart Seafood Guide

Discover safer and more sustainable alternatives to many popular fish nationwide.


Household Cleaners

You can make your house sparkling clean and protect our oceans. Learn how to make your own ocean safe household cleaners.



What you pour on your lawn will end up in your local waterways and eventually the ocean. Make your garden green and keep the oceans blue with these eco-friendly gardening tips.



Rather than sending your household waste to a landfill or down the drain, learn how you can recycle and safely dispose of toxic items

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Hot or Not

Our oceans are polluted with plastic garbage. Help keep them clean by replacing many of your daily products with reusable materials made from cloth, metal or wood.


Dangerous Species

Do you know what the most dangerous species in the oceans are? You might be surprised.