Merchants of Doubt

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The Merchants of Doubt study guide, developed by the Poynter Institute in joint collaboration with Participant Media and Omidyar Network, is designed to help citizens develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to sort through confusing messages and distinguish between truth, propaganda, and misinformation. Each section examines statements made in the film and asks questions intended to trigger thoughtful discussions and debates.

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To host an educational or faith-based group screening and discussion of Merchants of Doubt…

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'Merchants of Doubt' Film Clips

Watch the clips referenced in the study guide

Find Out What Sets This Magician Apart From Other ‘Merchants of Doubt’

Magician Jamy Ian Swiss explains the moral contract that differentiates his form of deception from that of climate deniers, front groups, and pundits-for-hire. 

'Merchants of Doubt' Film Clips

Watch the clips referenced in the study guide

Why Don’t People Change Their Minds When New Data About Climate Comes In?

When it comes to climate change, tribal affiliation often trumps scientific data. 

Hard Pill to Swallow

Watch the clips referenced in the study guide.

Why Are Climate Deniers So Effective?

Find out why climate deniers are so influential, despite conclusive scientific evidence on climate change.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Watch the clips referenced in the study guide.

Find Out What Happens to Scientists Who Speak Out About Global Warming

In spite of an overwhelming consensus among their peers about the nature of climate change, scientists are called communists and threats to American democracy when they speak out.


'Merchants of Doubt' Film Clips

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“Whose Truth? Tools for Smart Science Journalism in the Digital Age”

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