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    Larry King Auto Tunes with T-Pain
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    In This Country, Being Gay Makes You an Exile
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    How to Eat Pot: Less Is More
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    Teen Has No Regrets After Posting Auschwitz Selfie
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    Fred Willard on Unsexy Siberian Sinkholes
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    Vine Star Brandon Bowen Uses Humor to Combat Bullies
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    Artificial Wombs Make Meghan McCain 'Violently Uncomfortable'
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    Kermit the Frog Explains Why He Isn't Technically Married to Miss Piggy
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    How Using the N-Word Can 'Heal Wounds'
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    UTK Freestyles About Voting, Aliens, and Jacob Soboroff

It's been an eventful few months on this season of TakePart Live.

We tracked breaking news in Ferguson, Mo., followed the midterm elections, and interviewed socially conscious celebrities. We welcomed Baratunde Thurston as cohost. We learned that being gay could be fatal in Uganda. Author and USC law professor Jody Armour explained why using the N-word can be a healing experience. And in breaking Muppets news, Kermit the Frog revealed the reason he isn’t technically married to Miss Piggy.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Before we say good-bye, check out some of our favorite segments of 2014.