The Best Wine Charms Are the Ones Made From Wine Boxes

Tiffany from Pivot's 'Human Resources' shows us how simple it is to add pizzazz to your Shiraz.
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Jul 28, 2015·
TakePart Staff

Consumer products count for a third of all landfill waste. If we can repurpose them into other products, we can help save the planet. Think a beat before you shove that empty wine box into the trash. With a little creativity and craftiness, you can transform it into a cool drinking accessory like these upcycled wine charms.

Human Resources is an unconventional, comedic, behind-the-scenes look at TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company whose mission is to eliminate the idea of waste. TerraCycle takes anything and everything that is landfill bound—from potato chip bags to cigarette butts—and recycles, upcycles, reuses, or otherwise transforms these objects into something else. Using science, creativity, and a little DIY attitude, it's changing the way we think about trash.

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