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Who We Are

What is TakePart?

TakePart is a digital media company with a singular mission: To make participating in positive change easy, rewarding, and part of everyday life. The articles, videos and actions we create build awareness of issues that shape our lives and culture, and provide ways to make a difference.

What can I do here?

Through TakePart and its related sites you can interact with a global community of citizens, activists, non-profits and local organizations. Explore our daily content on the culture and lifestyle of change and learn how you can take action.

Does TakePart process donations to other organizations?

TakePart does not directly process donations. We find the best places that allow you to give to causes of your choice. For instance, we can direct you to the donation page for a great clean water charity, but we do not handle the money ourselves.

How to Stay Updated and Follow TakePart

What kinds of things will I find on TakePart?

Our team delivers daily stories, in-depth profiles, compelling galleries and exclusive videos that move, inspire and entertain. Our platform connects the dots between the daily swirl of headlines and the things we each can do to make positive change in our lives and our communities.

How do you choose TakePart content?

We dig deep to find entertaining and inspiring stories about the lifestyle and culture of change. We also look at mainstream news and conversations through the lens of how they connect to social action. We bring you compelling content that sheds light on issues in a new way, and that makes taking action easy, rewarding, and fun.

How can I suggest an issue or find out more from your editors?

If you’d like to know more about our content or suggest an issue or topic to cover, send a message through the Contact Us page.  Let us know what you’re looking for.

Community Features

What do I need to join?

Just a Facebook account. We are looking at adding other registration options in the future--stay tuned.

What if I’m having trouble with registration?

We have a standard page that makes it easier to register on Alternatively, you can connect to TakePart through Facebook—either on the Register page or by clicking Login on the home page. If you continue to have trouble, please send a note to Contact Us.

How are TakePart and Facebook profiles connected?

If you have an existing Facebook account, you can use it to register on TakePart – simply click Login at the top of the TakePart page, hit ‘Connect with Facebook,’ and use your Facebook login to get connected. You can also visit the registration page.

Will linking my accounts automatically post updates on Facebook?

No, the feature simply allows you to login to both with the same information. All other additions are up to you.

What are your commenting guidelines?

For guidance on acceptable commenting behavior, please go here. Essentially, keep it civil.

Does TakePart consider content and opinions from any perspective?

Definitely. At TakePart, we believe in the power of multiple viewpoints and we trust that people can make their own conclusions about causes and solutions. We encourage voices, opinions and thoughts from all perspectives, but please see our comment policy for greater clarification.

If I find something on your site objectionable, what’s my recourse?

Please alert the Contact Us page with a description and link to the content you don’t like.

Nonprofits & Alliances

Will TakePart write a story about my nonprofit? 

If you are interested in suggesting a story about your organization, please contact

Technical Issues

I think I found a problem or mistake on your site. What should I do?

Please submit a message via Contact Us with a description of the problem, and the URL of the page you were on.


I have a suggestion for the site. Where can I send it?

Please Contact Us with your ideas for the site.

Participant Media Film and Social Action

How is TakePart connected to Participant Media?

TakePart is the digital media arm of Participant Media. While Participant develops inspiring films and documentaries, TakePart presents the stories, information and actions that surround the topics the films often address. The two are separate entities, linked by common purpose.

Can my organization screen a Participant Media film such as ‘Food, Inc.’?

We can direct you to contacts for permission to host a screening of certain Participant Media films. Please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and select ‘Help’ from the topic menu. Additionally, we at TakePart will keep you updated to any progress on the matter.

I’ve heard there are petitions related to the topics covered in recent Participant Media films. How can I find them?

If you’re referring to The Cove petition, you can find it here.

If you’re thinking of the Food, Inc. petition, which was to support the Child Nutrition Act, this was reauthorized by the Senate in December 2010. Learn more here.