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Who We Are


What is TakePart?

TakePart is a digital magazine and social action platform for people who care about the world and want to live their lives accordingly. Coverage on is presented along with related actions that can be taken to participate in positive social change. To learn more, please visit About Us.


How is TakePart related to Participant Media?

TakePart is the digital division of Participant Media, presenting original articles, videos, and photo galleries on a range of social issues. TakePart also presents social action campaigns related to Participant films as well as TV shows on Participant's cable network, Pivot.


What is a social action campaign?

From a topic illuminated in a Participant Media film to an issue brought to light on a Pivot show to the range of issues covered every single day on, the vision is the same: A story well told can change the world. In the spirit of that vision, social action campaigns accompany our film, TV, and digital content to spark positive change. 

Whether the change comes in the form of creating awareness around an issue, inspiring personal behavior adjustments, or having an impact via systemic change, our team works hand in hand with nonprofits and people like you, our audience, to bring about the change that we want to see in the world. 


Story Ideas


Do you accept story ideas?

To suggest a story you think our readers would be interested in, please email All submissions are subject to our Submission Policy.

Note: We do not accept submissions aimed at our film or TV divisions. 


Facebook Registration


Will linking my accounts automatically post updates on Facebook?

No, the feature simply allows you to log in to both with the same information.


Nonprofits and NGOs


Will TakePart promote my organization?

If you are an accredited 501(c)(3) organization and wish to join our Social Action Network and have your work featured in our action center, contact

If there is a story to be told that our readers would be interested in, you are welcome to send details or a press release to, and we’ll consider writing about it.


Will TakePart advise my new nonprofit?

This is not a function of TakePart, and we will not be able to provide help on such requests. 


Does TakePart give grants or donations?

TakePart does not make direct donations or provide grants except in select instances, which are subject to TakePart's sole discretion. 


How can my NGO partner with TakePart?

We work with NGOs in two primary ways:

  • Content-specific social action campaigns related to Participant Media films or Pivot original shows. Each film Participant Media, our parent company, releases has a social action campaign on TakePart, as do the programs Pivot, our sister TV network, launches. Each campaign amplifies the work of one or more experienced nonprofits in the area of the issue the film or show explores.

  • Our Social Action Network of nonprofits. We amplify NGOs' voices on issues they're involved in by collaborating to create petitions, pledges, and donation opportunities. These can be found in the Take Action section of our site. NGOs do not pay to be in our network.




Where do you send petition signatures, and what is the impact?

The NGOs that empower the actions on TakePart either are associated with one of our properties or are a part of our Social Action Network; we give them the signatures our users provide. In most cases, nonprofits add the signatures collected to their existing petitions, which they then deliver to the intended recipients.


Can I sign your petitions if I live outside the U.S.? 

On the petitions, click the green "Outside the U.S." link near the "ZIP Code" field. You should then be able to select your country and enter your postal code. If you can’t, please contact us.


Why do you need my street address when I sign a petition?

Some of our petitions are sent to recipients—such as U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. state legislators—who require an address to validate each signature. For that reason, we ask for that information.


How do I create a petition?

Our Social Action team researches and creates all our petitions in conjunction with the established nonprofits in our Social Action Network. So while we do not offer the ability to create your own petitions on our site, we love hearing suggestions for causes that could benefit from one. If you have one in mind, feel free to pass it along at

Please note that all suggestions are subject to our submission policy.




Is my private information safe?

We take our users' privacy very seriously, and we will never share the personal information you provide to us with other companies for direct marketing purposes without your consent. Please see Section 3 of our Privacy Policy. The privacy policy also contains details on the specific kind of information we collect, how we use it, and certain choices you can make with respect to it.




How do I screen Food, Inc. or another Participant Media film?

Screening rights are handled by the film’s regional distributor, which can be found on the film's IMDb or Participant Media page.

If you can't locate the proper company, contact us and we’ll help you find it. Don’t forget to specify your country and which film you're interested in screening.

Below are the companies that handle the U.S. screening rights for some of our most popular films: 

How can I work on a Participant Media film?

Participant Media does not deal with the casting or physical production aspects of its projects. If you wish to be involved, contact the line producer when contacts for projects in preproduction become available in industry trade publications.


Jobs, Careers, and Internships


Do you hire freelance writers?

We do not accept unsolicited submissions, but if there's something you'd like covered, send a brief description of the issue or topic to All coverage suggestions are subject to our submission policy.


How can I work at TakePart? 

You can find our open positions at

Does TakePart hire interns or fellows?

Yes! Learn more about our programs at

Have a question not addressed above? Please contact us.