Give Change For Change


In a world filled with the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays of consumerism, a new tradition focused on donations in the name of real-world impact has arisen: Giving Tuesday. This year, December 1st officially kicks off the giving season, and to help do our part, TakePart has made it easy for you to "Give Change for Change" with even the smallest of donations.

Having trouble picking an organization? No problem! Scroll down to watch videos and learn about three life-changing projects from non-profits that need your support right now. You can donate to one (or all three) right from this page. 

let the giving begin!

Featured Non-Profits


Dig Deep

The Navajo Water Access Project

Watch DIGDEEP bring running water to an American family for the first time.

DIGDEEP advocates for communities around the world deprived of clean water and defends water access as a human right. The average American uses more than 400 gallons of water a day, but on the Navajo reservation, some live on just seven gallons of water a day. Did you know that Navajo are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet? You can help change this injustice by donating to DIGDEEP's Water Project which installs new water systems in homes of families that have never had running water before.

How can your donation to Dig Deep help?


$14 can sponsor one month of home water delivery for one person.

$270 can help install a sink and faucet

$1,032 can build a 1,200-gallon cistern to hold water at a home

International Rescue Committee

Winter Nears for Refugees in Europe

As winter sets in for refugees, protection from wind, snow and cold can mean the difference between life and death.

In addition to providing lifesaving work this winter in the form of protection, health care and other emergency services for vulnerable refugee children and families, the IRC distributes emergency kits to refugees on the ground: warm blankets, coats, boots, protective sheeting and more. Thousands of refugees fleeing Syria and other conflict-ridden countries continue to risk a dangerous sea journey to Greece in small boats, even as cold weather approaches. "I don't think that the people who are crossing by any means are prepared for the winter conditions of northern Europe especially — or for southern Europe for that matter," says Aphrodite Mariolaf, a local volunteer.

How can your donation to IRC help?


$27 can provide two temporary shelters 

$84 donation can provide warm blankets

$114 donation can help a family in a place like Syria survive the harsh winter

Born Free USA

Rescued Primates Find a Home at Born Free’s Sanctuary

Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy non-profit organization. You can be a part of their effort to give rescued primates a second chance at a more normal life. Their 186-acre Primate Sanctuary, located near San Antonio, Texas, is home to more than 600 primates, rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.

How can your donation to Born Free USA help?

$15 can buy a case of fresh produce for the monkeys

$52 can provide one monkey with food and care for an entire year 

$100 can feed the entire 50-acre snow monkey troop for a day!