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Tired of the normal coverage of the 2012 elections campaign? We're throwing out the old political playbook and focusing on the stories and issues that matter most to you. Think of us as your one-stop election center to find out how the issues you really care about — from education to the environment, from food policy to LGBT issues — will be impacted by the choices you make at the ballot box in November. In addition to daily news updates, we'll tell you exactly how you can take action and get involved with the issues you're most passionate about.

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Why Tuesday? Fix our voting system, one question at a time

Every four years, Americans go to the polls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November to pick the person they want to occupy the highest office in the land.

But why Tuesday? What's so special about the second day of the work week? Turns out: not much.

This election season, TakePart has partnered with our friends at WhyTuesday to highlight all the ways in which voting on Tuesday is bad for voter participation, and bad for our democracy. Check out to learn more about their non-partisan efforts to increase voter turnout and participation, and sign their petition to encourage weekend voting.