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The Cove is a 2009 documentary that exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year. Dolphin meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The remaining dolphins are sold to dolphinarius and marine parks around the world into a lifetime of captivity.

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Now, 7 years since The Cove premiered, the spirit of activism that Ric O'Barry started and the battle for justice continue. The focus of the Social Action Campaign around this issue is to create worldwide awareness of the annual dolphin drive hunt in Taiji, and to pressure those in power to put an end to the slaughter once and for all.

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We are their greatest threat, and their only hope.

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‘The Cove’ Star Is Kicked out of Japan

‘The Cove’ Star Is Kicked out of Japan

Japanese authorities deport dolphin activist Ric O’Barry after detaining him for 19 days at Tokyo’s airport.

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