Mark Ruffalo Honored for Work to Ban Hydrofracking

Laura Dern presents Mark Ruffalo with an award at the Global Green awards in Santa Monica. (Photo: Getty Images)

Global Green USA presented Mark Ruffalo with its Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award on Saturday for the actor's commitment to the campaign to ban hydrofracking—the controversial method of extracting natural gas from rock formations by blasting them with chemicals and water. 

Many opponents consider hydrofracking a grave threat to clean water supplies and public health, as depicted in the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland.

"By using his platform as a celebrated actor to raise awareness and hold the energy industry accountable, Mark is raising the bar for his peers in the entertainment industry and beyond," Global Green said in a statement.

Ruffalo isn't just speaking out against hydrofracking; he's set up to serve as a platform for people looking to take action to protect the Earth's water resources. 

Global Green presented Ruffalo with the award at its 15th Annual Millennium Awards in Santa Monica.

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