Lisa Lampanelli Donates $50,000 to Gay Charity in Defiance of Hate Church (VIDEO)

(Photo: Getty Images).

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is known as the "Queen of Mean," but her fans might be looking for a new nickname for the raunchy lady after she used her sizable checkbook to send a message to the anti-gay bigots at the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. 

The folks at Westboro let it be known that they would be taking their hate-filled road show and "God Hates Fags" signs to Lampanelli's Topeka show. Well she decided to turn the tables on the Westboro clan — who are notorious for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers — by donating $1,000 to Gay Men's Health Crisis in honor of each church member who turned up.

In the end, 48 Westboro members showed up at Lampanelli's show, and she tweeted "Hey guys -- Make that $50,000!!! WBC inbreds counted 48 protesters, so I won't quibble. I'll make it an even $50,000!!!"


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