United States Congress Ignored Peru's Indigenous Peoples Predictions

...and now we have arrived at the outcome.

Here I am 3am in the morning trying to wrap my head around all the things happening in Peru. Doing a lot of research and staying up all night long traveling through cyber space to collect some background information. I'm trying to understand the WHY?

I came across this letter written back in 2007 by Alberto Pizango Chota, President of AIDESEP to United States Congress:

The letter is entitled: "Federation Representing 350,000 Indigenous Peoples in Amazon Region Urges Opposition to U.S. – Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)"

Read the entire letter here.

In this letter Alberto Pizango Chota warns that the FTA will give incentives for further and irreversible destruction of virgin rain forest, which will in turn increase global warming and displace our communities from their home territories. This is an absolutely unacceptable outcome for our planet, and particularly for the territory where our communities live, as we collectively work to reduce the threat of global warming. Another important piece of info is this video made by AIDESEP in regards to the current PROTESTS in Peru:


Thanks for posting this. I've been following some of the news on the protests via the Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources site, but I'm glad you found this letter. There was also some disturbing news yesterday about America's involvement in Bolivia and funding organizations to disrupt Morale's presidency.