Blind, Homeless Dog Rescued From Trash Regains Sight, Finds Home

Thanks to L.A.'s Hope for Paws, Fiona has a whole new outlook on life.


Blind, Homeless Dog Rescued From Trash Regains Sight, Finds Home
A before and after profile of Fiona, a formerly homeless dog now living in a loving home. (Photo: PeoplePets)

More than a year ago, Eldad and Audrey Hagar, founders of Hope for Paws Animal Rescue, discovered a tiny poodle-mix named Fiona in an abandoned Los Angeles lot. She was cowering in a dark greasy corner amid old brooms and rakes, and her matted, filthy coat teemed with fleas. Worst of all, Peoplepets reports, when the activists brought the forlorn pup to veterinary opthamologist Michael Chang, he confirmed she was blind in both eyes.

Hope for Paws soon raised $4,500 for Chang to perform a procedure to restore Fiona’s sight in one eye.

This week, a video (watch in full below) of Fiona's rags to riches ordeal went viral, with shout-outs from major new organizations, including The Today Show.

"She wagged! She was so happy," Eldad recalled. "For the first time, she made the connection between hearing our voices and our smells to seeing our faces. It's just like being blindfolded all your life, and all of a sudden, you're 10 years old and they take your blindfold off. It's just an incredible thing."

"On the drive home, she was looking out the window. It was so interesting to watch everything going on," said Audrey. "She became a very, very happy, excited dog. Her personality changed."

Eleven-year-old Fiona has since been adopted into a three-dog family and is doing great.

Fueled in part by the virality of her video, Fiona has recently scored a "modeling" gig, posing for photos to be included in a book about animal rescue.