#ThankYouFriday: Kind Florida Woman Saves Starving Horses

Melanie Higdon rehabilitates horses left to fend for themselves.

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#ThankYouFriday: Kind Florida Woman Saves Starving Horses
Melanie Higdon and the two horses she is rehabilitating at Hidden Springs Horse Rescue. (Photo: WCTV)

A group of eight horses were found stranded in a pasture in Marianna, Florida, last week, and thanks to Hidden Springs Horse Rescue founder Melanie Higdon, seven out of the eight horses are on their way to recovery. Two out of the seven were taken in by Melanie, and the other five, according to the Jackson County Floridian, are being rehabilitated by a family in a nearby community. When they are well again, the horses will be eligible for adoption into a permanent home.

In an interview with local news station WCTV, Hidgon explained that horses being left to fend for themselves is not a rare occurence. "With the economy being so bad," she said, "there are so many people that cannot afford to take care of their horses, and in many instances they can't find a place to put their horses."

Since Higdon started Hidden Springs Horse Rescue in 2008, she has rescued 200 horses and currently has 30 horses on her rehabilitation ranch.

To help rehabilitate the horses in Marianna, make a donation to Hidden Springs Horse Rescue here. To watch the news clip of Higdon and the rescued horses, click here.