17-Year-Old Blind Dog Saves 87-Year Old Heart Attack, Stroke Victim

Rescue pooch Trixie keeps her owner warm after the elderly woman suffers a stroke and is trapped outside for 20 hours.

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tan-colored terrier

The face of a canine hero: Trixie, a 17-year-old blind, nearly deaf terrier, kept her elderly owner warm after the woman had suffered a heart attack and was forced to spend the night outside, lying on the cold, dark ground. (Photo: Arkansas KHTV)

Ida Moose remembers the thunderstorm forecast for Little Rock that fateful afternoon last October. She remembers going out to the backyard to fill her bird feeder, with her 17-year-old terrier Trixie by her side. But she can’t remember what happened next. She only knows that when she woke up she was lying in on the cold ground with a mouth full of mud as rain poured from the sky, Arkansas’s KHTV reports.

Trixie was lying on her to keep her warm.

The 78-year-old woman had suffered a heart attack and a stroke and couldn’t get up. Trixie—who is blind and nearly deaf—barked and barked for help but none came. Ida managed to roll herself to her back door. She called Trixie, and her loyal dog sat on Ida’s chest, keeping her warm for the next 20 hours, leaving only once to get a sip of water. Ida spent the wet, cold night praying and thinking about the homeless, for whom such trials are a daily reality.

It wasn’t until five o’clock the next evening that a neighbor finally heard Ida and Trixie’s call for help. "The doctors say that if it hadn’t have been for [Trixie’s] warmth, I wouldn’t be here today," said Ida.

Ida spent the next six weeks in recovery.

Trixie, who was adopted from a Little Rock shelter at just 11 months old, has been nominated for a Humane Society Dogs of Valor Award.

"I feel blessed to be able to maintain my home and Trixie, and we just have a good ole time,” said Ida. “She saved my life. I really do believe that." 

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