Ready to Rumble: Hero Terrier Defends Home From Robbers

Canadian hero Rumble suffers gunshot wounds and a broken shoulder in a domestic ordeal.

Rumble SIZE.jpg

bandaged dog resting on couch with woman
Only a cruel coward would ever shoot a dog with a face this cute. (Photo: Jenelle Schneider/The Province)

Rumble, an American terrier, was home alone in Burnaby, a small city near Vancouver, Canada, when cowardly thieves broke into the house. The courageous canine didn't back down.

The Province reports that by the time family members returned home hours later, their beloved five-year-old pup had been shot twice and beaten with an unidentified object. He’d lost a lot of blood.

Rumble’s owner, Brandee Yuen, rushed him to the hospital. The vets at Canada West Veterinary Specialists and Critical Care Hospital were stunned by what they saw.

"This is so terrible," said Dr. Laurence Braun, a critical care specialist at Canada West. According to Braun, the hospital rarely sees dogs with gunshot wounds. “We see pellet wounds but nothing to this extent,” she said.

The clinic decided to waive their usual fees to save the brave dog’s life.

Rumble might need a plate inserted into his damaged shoulder. The gun hot to his left side will have to be assessed and the bullet removed before Rumble has surgery.

Rumble’s family thinks it’s a miracle that he survived.

The robbery investigation is ongoing and animal abuse charges could be tacked on to the home invasion charges when the creeps are caught.