Rescue Cat Saves New Owner From Seizure 24 Hours After Adoption

The courageous kitty had known his new guardian, Amy Jung, less than 24 hours when he saved her life.

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brown and white cat
The face of a hero. (Photo: LifeWithCats)

Amy Jung hadn’t planned on adopting a cat. She’d come to the Door County Humane Society in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, with her son to put in some volunteer time with the shelter kitties, Lifewithcats reports.

But regal, long-haired Pudding and his sibling, Wimsy, who’d arrived at the shelter after the death of their owner, won Jung’s heart. She took Pudding and Wimsy home.

That very night, Pudding saved Amy Jung’s life. 

Jung is a diabetic who suffers from seizures. In the middle of the night, Pudding sensed his new human was having a diabetic reaction in her sleep. The normally laidback kitty climbed on Jung’s chest, batted her face, and bit her nose until she woke up. Jung immediately knew she was having a reaction and dialed 911. She called out to her son Ethan. When Ethan didn’t answer, Pudding rushed into Ethan’s room, jumped on his bed, and woke him up.

Paramedics told Jung that she was lucky to be alive. If her brave new kitty had not taken action, Jung would have slipped into a diabetic coma and died. Jung is planning to register Pudding as a service animal that can detect seizures.

The folks at the Door County Humane Society are thrilled. “All of us at DCHS are in awe and tears right now. Pudding, we are so proud of you!”

Jung is amazed that a cat who had just met her could instinctively know what was wrong. She notes that when her blood sugar is low, Pudding will sit at her feet and meow. But when he’s not saving lives, Pudding the hero becomes an ordinary cat content to just “lay around.”


Pudding was given a second chance for a new life and gave his human a second chance. I love all animals but kitties are My fave.
go pudding!