A Dog's Second Chance: Ace Is the Face of Animal Abuse Awareness

Once starving and neglected, Ace the boxer-bulldog now helps raise awareness and money to stop animal abuse.

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Ace the rescue boxer-bulldog, volunteers and police officers pose with boxer-bulldog mix
The ace up the sleeve of animal rights advocates in Missouri? Ace, the adorable bulldog/boxer mix.

Tethered in a Missouri backyard, starving and alone, the little boxer-bulldog mix sought shelter from freezing temperatures in an old garbage can. Help came for the forgotten dog in the form of Kennett, Missouri, Humane Officer Tena Petix.

Taken from his so-called home, the dog was renamed Ace, an acronym for Animal Cruelty Example.

"The owners were charged with one count of animal neglect," Petix told The Daily Dunklin Democrat "Dr. Billy Embry, of KenMo Veterinary Clinic, and his staff was very reassuring that Ace could be saved. Ace's story was released on Facebook, bringing in donations for his vet bills." The frail little dog weighed under just 25 pounds.

But Ace’s luck was changing. The town of Kennett decided to make him the mascot for the town’s Humane Department. The dog that had once been left to freeze and starve had become the glamorous new face of Animal Abuse Awareness, attending functions and fundraisers throughout the state.

Ace debuted at the “Santa, Cider and Song” event that raised around $600 for a veterinary clinic fund to take care of animals in need.

"Ace has attended many events throughout the year," Petix said. "Ace attended 'The Fantasy Beauty Pageant' in Bernie, a walk-a-thon for Neurofibromatosis in Malden, A Walk for a Cure in Senath, Camp McClanahan Girl Scout Camp, Sudsy Puppy, Doggy Do's, Goody's, Walmart, The Delta Fair and The Missouri Water Fowl Festival."

Most recently, Ace graced the Puppy Love Pageant in Malden, Missouri.

"The Puppy Love Pageant that Ace attended this past weekend was a huge success," Petix said. "The Kennett Humane Department was blessed with a trailer full of dog food, dog toys, treats, cat food, cat treats, cat litter, new dog and cat dishes, and a total of $825 dollars was raised to be donated to KenMo Vet to help save the lives of animals in need."