Miracle Mountain Mutt: 'Lucky' Survives 10 Nights in Italian Alps

Rescuers named the hearty Alsatian/Labrador mix Lucky.

Lucky Labrador in Swiss Alps SIZE.jpg

people pet black Alsatian/Labrador mix
The profile of a hero: Lucky, the Alsatian/Labrador mix. (Photo: The Daily Mail)

The report? A whimpering, lost dog.

The weather? A frigid 14 degrees.

The terrain? A secluded section of the Italian Alps laden with dense undergrowth and terrifying ravines.

Somehow, against these seemingly insurmountable odds, a mountain forestry team was able to locate and rescue ‘Lucky,’ an Alsatian/Labrador mix.

Officials believe the miracle dog was abandoned in the mountains because he isn’t microchipped, a mandatory procedure for dogs in Italy. 

“I could hear a dog whining and whimpering for help but it took me ages to actually find him as he was half covered with snow,” said rescuer Massimo Gianoli to The Daily Mail.

“The conditions were appalling. It was very cold and the search had actually been called off because it was thought to have been a false alarm, but so many people then called in to say they had heard the dog, we started again. We thought we would give it one last go and we found him.”

The mutt, who hadn’t eaten in 10 days, immediately gobbled down an energy bar offered to him by Gianoli.

“I'm delighted to have found him and after he ate the energy bar he was wagging his tail in appreciation,” Gianoli said. “He is at the vet centre now and he will have to stay there ten days. I would love to adopt him but I have two dogs already and I know they have had dozens of calls from people who want to do the same.”

Lucky is expected to make a full recovery from hypothermia.