Indoor Kitty Ennui? Help Is an Apple Away

The Australian RSPCA has designed three games for the iPad that keep indoor kitties engaged and entertained.


kitten plays with iPad, curious kitten plays with iPad, cat engaged with iPad
Don't worry, there's always next time: A mouse captures the cheese on the RSPCA's new cat app, despite this kitty's efforts. (Photo: RSPCA)

If you’re like me, you worry obsessively over how to keep your cats entertained. Is it silly to leave the radio on when I’m gone? Do Lucy and Grayson hate Garrison Keillor as much as I do? Why do they prefer that plastic bottle cap to the tiny cardboard mouse effigy suspended on fishing wire that I just bought for $16.95? Are those strangled cries Ringo makes when he sees a bird outside the window an expression of deeper existential despair?

Now, Global Animal reports, the Australian RSPCA has introduced an iPad app especially for cats called the Affection Collection. The app features three different games to keep your kitties busy and happy while you’re out of the house, one of which asks cats to guard a block of Swiss cheese from a group of manic mice.

RSPCA member Amanda Appel says the games allow the cats to have fun and show off.

“They have a system here and you can see their high score at the bottom, so this is for their human parents to be able to tell how smart they are,” Appel said.

Game designer Saxon Cameron says, “...if you go out to work or to the shops; it’ll repeatedly shuffle through games so the cat will remain interested.”

If the cat accidentally taps the app twice, the app returns to the main menu, but will automatically default back to the game so the cats stay interested.


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