Sweaters for Chickens, Coats for Goats: U.K. Animals Bundle Up

As Arctic cold settles in, volunteers outfit the critters at Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary with handmade winter fashions.

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woman with chicken in a knitted jumper, woman with hen in knitted sweater

Fundraiser Lucy Hayreh with a former battery hen in a knitted jumper. (Photo: Shropshire Star)

The United Kingdom is in the grips of a bitter cold snap, but the farmyard gang at Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary in Pattingham, Staffordshire is staying warm with the help of customized sweaters sent by animal lovers all over the world, NewsToday reports. 

Ex-battery hens, whose feathers haven’t regrown all the way since their nightmarish former lives on factory farms, have been outfitted in stylish woolen “jumpers” to combat the arctic temps. Sanctuary owner Daphne Wain appealed to knitters for help after the 14 hens arrived at Green Meadow.

“I now have over 60 jumpers between 14 chickens. They must be the best-dressed chickens in the world. They love wearing the jumpers,” Wain says.

The chickens had never been outside before arriving at the sanctuary. “When we let them in the hutch they huddled tightly together because they were scared of all the space,” Wain recalls. “When we first let them out they took several hours to summon up the courage to even take a look outside.”

Now the lucky clucks love the outdoors, but even with their snazzy new sweaters, Wain can’t let the hens out for long. “They’re not fat enough to keep warm for long periods, especially in the weather we’re having at the moment.”

But the chickens are rebounding. As their feathers grow, so does their confidence. Wain is grateful to all the caring folks who sent their knitted creations.

“I’m so touched. The response has been amazing. One lady, from Canada, has been wonderful—she has sent eight so far. We also had some sent from Switzerland.”   

Chickens aren’t the only sanctuary animals who’ll weather the winter temps in style. Wain has also received 40 custom-made goat coats.

Learn more about how you can help keep these chickens warm by visiting Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary's website, or by emailing them directly: greenmeadowssanctuary@gmail.com