Death-Defying Cat Survives Two Rounds in Utah Gas Chamber

Two lives down, seven to go for Andrea the unkillable cat.

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Death-Defying Cat Survives Two Rounds in Utah Gas Chamber
After surviving the gas chamber not once, but twice, Andrea the cat relishes some R&R. (Photo:

In October, Takepart reported that Daniel, a beagle from Alabama, survived 17 minutes in the gas chamber. Luckily Daniel can't read, or he might be deeply saddened to learn that his record has been broken—by a cat.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Andrea, a stray, was put on death row at the West Valley City Shelter after awaiting adoption for 30 days.

When a shelter employee opened the gas chamber to find Andrea still alive, he closed the chamber and tried again. Finding no vital signs, he put Andrea in a bag and placed her in a freezer.

Forty-five minutes passed before two shelter employees opened the cooler and heard, to their astonishment, muffled meowing. Inside the bag they found Andrea, terrified but alive. The shelter manager then gave Andrea to the Community Animal Welfare Society.

Like Daniel before her, activists hope Andrea becomes a spokescat for changing cruel euthanasia laws.

The West Valley City Shelter claims their methods are ethical. "We've never had an incident like this," said shelter spokesman Aaron Crim. "It's actually very humane. This is an anomaly."

Andrea is healthy and ready for adoption.


Just reading this makes me sad. It's a shame that we kill the animals in the first place. I guess this story is considered a happy ending.