Before Going Blind, Boy Sees His Seeing Eye Dog

Natura will act as nine-year-old Zach's bridge to the world.

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Before Going Blind, Boy Sees His Seeing Eye Dog
Nine-year-old Zach Thibodeaux was able to see his seeing-eye dog before going blind. (Photo: CNN)

Zach Thibodeaux of Lewisville, Texas, is not yet blind, but he is rapidly losing his sight. CNN reports that the bright nine-year-old boy has a condition known as cone-rod dystrophy, which means the cells in his eyes are literally dying. Soon, Zach will  be unable to see his friends, his family, and the familiar sites of his neighborhood. 

But hope arrived on New Year’s Day in the form of a yellow Labrador named Natura, who is there to help Zach through each step of his difficult journey.

“There are so many things that are frightening for anyone going visually impaired let alone being a child. Natura will be a border and a bridge between him and the community,” says Sandi Alsworth of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Zach’s mother, Johnann Uek, called the program “a godsend” and said getting the dog has made her usually voluble son, “speechless.” Zach smiled and managed to express his immense gratitude. “I’m very happy that Natura is my canine buddy.”