PETA Staffer's New Name

The activist formerly known as Dan Carron hopes that his new name will spark awareness of circus abuse.

Circus Animals Name Change SIZE.jpg PETA Staffer's New Name
"Hello, my name is, what's yours?" (Photo:

Although his mother still calls him Danny, PETA Foundation staffer Dan Carron has legally changed his name to

“Whenever anyone asks for or reads my name, they'll learn the truth—that when animals used by the circus aren't locked away in barren cages or dark, cramped trailers, they're violently forced to perform grueling and painful tricks,” said Carron to Michigan's Oakland Press.

The activist decided to change his name after watching circus trainers use heavy steel-hooked rods to intimidate elephants. 

In late November, the USDA cited Feld Entertainment, which produces the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, for several violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including chaining the animals between performances and using bullhooks to keep them in line. The citation includes a $270,000 record fine.

In an interview with PETA, Carron joked about the perks of his 23-character name—like having a much larger birthday cake and how interesting it will be when he signs debit card receipts or listens to his name called for a restaurant table. Carron says he wants to use every opportunity he can to show people why they should boycott circuses.

“After people have visited and have seen the elephants chained for up to 100 straight hours and have seen the baby elephants who were torn away from their families and beaten bloody with bullhooks I think they will stop supporting this abuse.”