Christmas Miracle: Pup Saves His Family From Disaster

Brave boxer evacuates his family's house when he smells a gas leak.


Christmas Miracle: Pup Saves His Family From Disaster
Boxers have been described as "the soul of honesty and loyalty, and never false or treacherous, even in old age." (Dog pictured is not Ollie.) (Photo: Getty Images)

It was a cozy night in the home of the Hyde family of Canton, Georgia. They were making holiday preparations, decorating the tree, and gathering in front of the fireplace. But their six-month old Boxer puppy, Ollie, knew something wasn’t right. And he wanted his family to know.

“He just started nudging and rubbing our legs like he wanted to go back outside,” Sheree Hyde told CBS Atlanta. The Hydes assumed that Ollie had heard a strange noise outside, so they followed him into the front yard. Jason Hyde said that the intuitive pup “had his head up and his back was arched and was unwilling to come back inside.”

Suddenly Jason Hyde realized that the gas for the fireplace logs was still on, but when he checked the fireplace, the flame was out. The courageous pooch, however, knew the family home was filling up with deadly gas.

“We don’t know how long the gas would have poured out,” Sheree Hyde said. “And we do light candles.”

How the dog knew he had to move his family to safety may remain forever a mystery. The Hydes only know they are incredibly grateful.

“I think it’s cool that God has made a creature as smart as this dog,” Jason Hyde said. “And I’m glad to have him.”


I have a service dog. A boxer named Rocky. He is my first service dog and my third boxer. I have had many dogs, but he is by far the most loyal dog I have ever seen. He would give his life in a second for me as would I for him.
i don't love the mouth of the dog!
Of all the great dog breeds in the world, boxers may be the ones who are most devoted to their human pals. I've had two, and their protective instincts are matched only by their love of play and their uncanny ability to give emotional support. They're like fur-coated therapists, only they drool a bit more.