Miracle Beagle's Legacy: Daniel's Law Advances in PA Senate

Law will ban the cruel practice of gassing shelter animals.

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Miracle Beagle's Legacy: Daniel's Law Advances in PA Senate
Daniel the unkillable beagle survived 17 minutes in an Alabama gas chamber. (Photo: vetstreet.com)

Some beagles seem to have a divine purpose in this world. Snoopy leaps to mind, of course, and then there is Daniel, the miracle beagle who survived the gas chamber at an Alabama animal shelter. Daniel was immediately adopted by Eleventh Hour Rescue, which saves dogs on death row. And, as Ecorazzi reports, Daniel’s legacy will soon transform the lives of other doomed shelter pets.

"When Eleventh Hour offered to take Daniel we felt that he was spared for a reason and we dared to dream that his story would help homeless animals everywhere be treated more humanely," said the rescue group.

That dream is now a reality with the passing of Daniel’s Law in Pennsylvania, where Daniel lives with his new owner, Joseph Dwyer.

The new law, which was introduced by Senator Andy Dinniman, will ban the use of carbon dioxide chambers to euthanize animals in Pennsylvania. Joseph Dwyer, who is also a dog trainer, celebrated the victory while noting that the controversial issue is far from settled.

“Today is a victory for thousands of animals in Pennsylvania,” Dwyer said,  “but more than 30 states still permit the gas chamber and other inhumane forms of animal euthanasia.”

To visit Daniel’s blog and see the list of states that have and have not banned euthanasia, click here.