Brave Goat Escapes Death: Gets New Leg, New Lease on Life

Cancer survivor Jenny Brown helps slaughterhouse survivor Albie the Goat.

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Brave Goat Escapes Death: Gets New Leg, New Lease on Life
Albie, the little goat that could. (Photo:

When Albie the goat arrived at the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York in 2007, the little guy was in pretty rough shape. Found wandering in Prospect Park after escaping from a "live kill" market in New York City, Albie had an infected leg and other injuries sustained from his transport from the factory farm.

Sanctuary owner Jenny Brown told The Daily Mail, “When he was brought to us, Albie was in a terrible state. His mouth was covered in sores and his leg and hoof were badly infected. He was weak and scared to death. We just couldn’t believe that this brave little goat had managed to escape like this.”

Veterinarians were forced to amputate one of Albie’s front legs. After the operation, Albie tried to hobble around on three legs, but soon grew exhausted.

But Jenny Brown didn’t give up. A survivor of aggressive  childhood bone cancer, Brown lost her leg at age 10 and has worn a prosthetic one ever since. “I knew exactly how frustrated [Albie] felt with a leg missing—as I had gone through it all myself. I was determined to help him.”

Brown asked the same doctor who had made her prosthetic limb to create one for Albie. The doctor agreed, and Albie became the second goat in the United States to ever have a prosthetic limb.

“We take it off at night for him to sleep—just like I do,” Brown explains. “And then in the day he has it on all the time. He’s skipping around on his prosthetic leg and he couldn’t be happier.”

Albie shares the green fields of the sanctuary with over 150 rescued farm animals, including pigs, battery hens, other goats, cows and turkeys.

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I'm so thankful that Albie is safe and happy. Thank you Jenny Brown.