Construction Workers Rescue Horse from Icy Ohio Pool

Elderly equine escapes his accidental plunge into frigid waters.

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Construction Workers Rescue Horse from Icy Ohio Pool

This elderly horse was rescued from the deep end of an Ohio pool by construction workers, a team of equine Good Samaritans, if you will, that were doing some work on the home. (Photo: Ohio News Network)

In 1938, a horse named Blackie swam across San Francisco Bay in 23 minutes and 15 seconds. Each year, wild ponies swim across the channel from Assateague to Chincoteague Island, where their foals are sold at auction. Show horses are often treated with saltwater hydrotherapy to cure lameness or other leg injuries. While not all equines love water, they are generally powerful swimmers. But when a confused horse falls in a frigid backyard pool, the results can be deadly.

When some Logan, Ohio home-siding workers showed up at Gail Larkin’s house Friday morning, they were stunned to see a horse desperately trying to keep its head above the waters of the deep end.

The Marion Star reports that ice crystals had formed on the horse’s face. The 22-year-old equine had escaped from a local farm and fallen through the cover of the pool that Larkin had shut down for the winter.

Using Larkin’s cane to keep the panicked horse’s head above water, the workers guided the horse to the pool steps where it was finally able to get out.

A fire engine had been called to the scene, and as soon as the newly freed horse heard the siren, it galloped off toward home where its owner was waiting with warm blankets.