Ukraine to End Cruel and Controversial Doggy Death Penalty

Shelters will replace poisoning as the country's new animal control policy.

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Ukraine to End Cruel and Controversial Doggy Death Penalty

A stray dog walks past an SS-18 SATAN intercontinental ballistic missile at the Strategic Missile Forces museum near Pervomaysk, some 186 miles) south of Kiev. (Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters)

There's good news for the stray dogs wandering the streets of Ukriane.

The country has called for an end to their heartless "animal control" policies, in which thousands of homeless hounds are poisoned or injected with illegal substances to clean up the streets in preparation for the Euro 2012 soccer games.

The Huffington Post reports that pressure from Western critics and local and international animal organizations is behind the push to end the barbaric practice.

The Environment Ministry said Thursday that it has urged Ukranian mayors to build animal shelters instead of killing dogs, giving some of these doomed animals a chance at a forever home.

According to The Guardian, Serhiy Syrovatka, an environment ministry spokesman, said the government would adopt legal and other changes to make the moratorium legally binding, punishing city officials who ignored the law. 

Syrovatka added that dogs that could not be housed in the shelter would be sterilized and released, but noted funding the project will be difficult when the Ukrainian economy is relying on international loans.