PETA Serves Up Turkey Dogs This Thanksgiving

PETA’s latest ad asks kids to contemplate the difference between animals we call pets and the ones we call dinner.


PETA Serves Up Turkey Dogs This Thanksgiving
Would you like some stuffing with your turkey dog? (Photo: PETA)

Released on Monday, PETA’s new ad has arrived just in time for the great turkey holocaust known as Thanksgiving.  Brash, surreal and classically PETA, the ad features the body of a turkey with the pert, innocent head of a Jack Russell Terrier grafted Frankenstein-style to the turkey’s neck. The copy reads “KIDS: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? GO VEGAN.”

Ashely Byrne, PETA’s manager of ad campaigns, explained the philosophy behind the message to ABC News.

“Turkeys may not be as familiar to us as dogs or cats but they have the same ability to suffer and that’s something people innately understand, especially kids,” said Byrne. “There are a lot of kids out there who don’t want to see a dead bird as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner.”

The billboards will appear in major cities in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Utah and Tennessee. Byrne says she hopes the billboards will ignite debates between parents and their children. While they might not share our homes, turkeys, like dogs, are sensitive to pain.

“It doesn’t make sense to call dogs our friends and turkeys our food,” Byrne said.