Courageous Canines to Be Honored by American Humane Association

Nation's dogs earn awards for uncommon valor.

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Courageous Canines to Be Honored by American Humane Association

One of Friday night's honorees: Bino. The Las Cruces, New Mexico native has served as a Narcotics Detection/Patrol K9 for nearly eleven years. (Photo: American Humane Association)

They’ve sniffed out explosives, dug through wreckage to find the missing, tracked down insurgents, and parachuted out of airplanes.

Now the American Humane Association will honor the canine warriors of the American military with the first annual American Hero Dog Awards. Eight finalist dogs from categories such as Law Enforcement/Arson, Service, Therapy, Military, Guides, Search and Rescue, Hearing, and Emerging Hero Dogs will be featured in the televised awards ceremony the Hallmark Channel on November 11.

“For thousands of years dogs have protected us and given us comfort. It's time to repay the favor," Mark Stubis, chief communications officer with the American Humane Association, told Las Cruces Son News. "It's time for them to get the recognition they deserve.”

According to The HuffingtonPost, the military honorees include Bino, a Dutch Shepherd that spent 14 months in Tikrit and Mosul, Iraq fighting the war on the drugs. Bino is now working with veterans suffering from PTSD. Bino will share the spotlight with Cairo, a Belgian Malinois belonging to Navy Seal Team 6 Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

The first annual American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards will be broadcast on Veterans Day, Friday November 11 at 8 pm/ 7 central on the Hallmark Channel.