Gimme Shelter: Katherine Heigl Seeks L.A. Homes for 5000 Cats and Dogs

The Los Angeles Animal Alliance teams up with actress Katherine Heigl to help shelter pets.


Gimme Shelter: Katherine Heigl Seeks L.A. Homes for 5000 Cats and Dogs
Actress Katherine Heigl poses with L.A. Animal Animal Alliance staff at the launch of Fall 5000. (Photo: Jill Johnson/JPI)

Forget Herman Cain’s “999” plan. The real winning numbers are 5000 and 30. This month The Los Angeles Animal Alliance wants to place 5000 shelter animals in forever homes in 30 days. The Alliance, a nonprofit organization of shelters, rescue groups, and other animal advocates kicked off their Fall 5000 campaign on November 4 in conjunction with 20 regional shelters and one dedicated Hollywood actress.

Katherine Heigl of Gray’s Anatomy fame is also an outspoken champion of animals. According to, Heigl, the owner of six adopted dogs, also works closely with L.A.’s Last Chance for Animals, and along with her mother, Nancy, founded The Jason Debus Foundation, in honor of her late brother, also an ardent animal lover. 

Speaking at the November 4 Fall 5000 press conference, Heigl announced that the Jason Debus Foundation will grant $30,000 to fund the Pets to Patriots program, which offers free adoptions for veterans seeking a cat or dog companion during November and December. “It is a small token of our appreciation to the legion of heroes who have given so much,” said Heigl.

A list of the shelters participating in the Fall 5000 can be found here, and shelters that honor the Pets to Patriots program can be found here.