Dog Concentration Camp Owner Gets Nights in Prison for 30 Months

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Dog Concentration Camp Owner Gets Nights in Prison for 30 Months

The face no dog wants to see: Diane Eldrup, of Lake Country Illinois. (Photo Lake Country Sherriff)

Did she get off easy?

This is the question after a judge in Illinois sentenced Diane Eldrup to spending nights in prison for the next 30 months for running what prosecutors called “a concentration camp for dogs.”

A jury convicted Eldrup in early September of aggravated animal cruelty and animal torture for allowing dozens of dogs to starve to death in filthy, locked cages at Muddy Paws, a rescue and boarding facility in Deer Park, Illinois, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Prosecutors had asked Judge James Booros to give Eldrup the maximum sentence: five years in prison.

Instead, Booros ruled that Eldrup will be allowed out of jail during the day to work, receive mental health treatment, and to visit with her young son.

Many of the dogs had been left starving in cages that were covered with their own excrement, even though a large stock of pet food was found nearby.

“She was taking those dogs in so she could kill them,” said Lake Country judge James Booras. “It is beyond human comprehension.”

Eldrup expressed regret for her actions in a tearful plea for leniency.

Her lawyer said that Eldrup suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder and was a victim of domestic abuse.