The Grit: 2011 Quiz of the Year

How well-informed are you?


The Grit: 2011 Quiz of the Year
See question #1. (Photo: United Photos/Reuters)

Think you know what's been happening in the last 12 months? Here's an 11-question quiz designed to test your knowledge of 2011. 

Answers and links at the bottom. Good luck!

1) This year the world's population reached 7 billion. It continues to grow at the rate of 184,000 per what?

a) second   b) minute   c) hour   d) day   e) week

2) America sends 22 percent of its exports where?

a) Europe   b) Mexico   c) India   d) Africa   e) Canada

3) Average pay in many European countries fell in real terms this year. Average boardroom pay at Britain's top 100 companies did what?

a) fell by 49 percent   b) fell by 4.9 percent   c) rose by 4.9 percent        d) rose by 49 percent   e) rose by 490 percent

4) What percentage of adults in America is either obese, extremely obese or morbidly obese?

a) 40   b) 45   c) 50   d) 55   e) 60

5) In July, Wendi Deng, wife of billionaire media Rupert Murdoch, delivered a flat hand smack down to a man who was attacking her husband with what?

a) a balloon   b) castanets   c) a water pistol   d) a foam pie   e) a Danish pastry

6) The average male life expectancy in some parts of Northern Texas is?

a) 47   b) 52   c) 57   d) 62   e) 67 

7) As of July this year, America was in debt to the tune of?

a) $13.3 trillion    b) $14.3 trillion    c) $15.3 trillion   d) $16.3 trillion        e) $17.3 trillion

8) What percentage of American electricity came from fossil fuels in 2011?

a) 40 percent   b) 50 percent   c) 60 percent   d) 70 percent   e) 80 percent

9) This year the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere was what?

a) the lowest this century   b) the lowest in 5 years   c) lower than last year   d) the highest in 5 years   e) the highest on record 

10) An oil spill equivalent to the Gulf of Mexico disaster happens in Africa how often?

a) every week   b) every month   c) every year   d) every two years       e) nothing on a similar scale has ever happened.

11) In the 15 months to July 2011, America's population grew by 2.8 million to 311.6 million. This is what?

a) the slowest rate since World War I   b) the slowest rate since World War II   c) the fastest rate since World War II   d) the fastest rate this century   e) about average for the last decade

Right. That's your lot. Answers and links below.

No cheating now...


1) d: day, 2) a: Europe, 3) d: rose by 49 percent, 4) a: 40, 5) d: a foam pie, 6) e: 67, 7) b: $14.3 trillion, 8) d: 70 percent, 9) e: the highest on record, 10) d: every two years, 11) b: the slowest rate since World War II


0 - 4 correct answers. The world is a mystery. Facts are vapour trails. Stuff just seems to happen. Make it your New Year's resolution to spend more time clicking through the reams of easily accessible, simple to digest, world-improving content on the TakePart website. You might learn something.

5 - 8 correct answers. A good solid performance, but in a bar-room debate, do you have all the stats and their references at your fingertips? Go back over those TakePart web articles and blog posts. Allow the information to seep into your brain until recalling it is as easy as breathing.

9 - 11 correct answers. Well, get you. What can we say? You're obviously very intelligent, and no doubt attractive too. All we can ask is that you use your informed reasoning and raw animal magnetism to persuade other, less enlightened souls to spend a bit of time with the TakePart website. They may not be as gifted and charismatic as you are, but they can try.

To anyone and everyone who has taken even a cursory glance at TakePart during 2011, thank you for your interest. Here's hoping you, your friends and family and this overpopulated, exhausted little blob we live on has the best possible 2012.