Adorable Kids Call Out the Evilness of Dolphinariums (PSA)

New video advocates against the solitary confinement existence of dolphinariums.

Kids Against Dolphins in Captivity SIZE.jpg

Child with glasses and cap, child with big glasses, child with spectacles
This adorable kid really hates dolphins in captivity (Photo: YouTube)

The good folks over at Ric O’Barry’s The Dolphin Project have filmed a new PSA about the overall horribleness of confining the planet’s second smartest mammal to a life of solitude and boredom in an aquarium tank.

The anti-captivity message is nothing new for Cove star O’Barry—but there’s something awfully impactful about it being spoken by bright-eyed children.

“If you knew dolphins were literally dying to entertain you, would you still pay to go see them?” asks one of the children.

Watch, learn, enjoy, and like one of the kids commands, “Share this video with ten of your friends!”