Leilani Münter Races to Save ‘Cove’ Dolphins

With planned ‘Cove’-themed stock car, the activist hopes to raise a major caution flag on Taiji, Japan’s senseless dolphin slaughter.

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Leilani Münter Races to Save ‘Cove’ Dolphins
An artist's rendering of Leilani Münter's 'Cove' car. The question is: Will it become a reality? (Photo: leilanimunter.com)

Professional stock car driver Leilani Münter is putting the pedal to the metal in her quest to drive a Cove-themed car at the famed Daytona International Speedway next month—but she needs your help to cross the finish line.

Münter’s target is the ARCA race in Daytona, Florida, on February 18, 2012, which will air live on SPEED television, a channel available in 79 million homes. 

Münter is seeking donations for the remaining necessary funds, which are around $30,000. She has already raised more than $15,000.

We know: every pinched penny counts in this economy, but if you can spare even a few bucks, send them to Münter here. Important: make sure to write “For Daytona” in the notes section.

The Cove forever changed me and I know race fans will respond to it, they just need to know about it,” said Münter, who has travelled to Taiji three times in an official capacity as a Cove Monitor for Ric O’Barry’s Save Japan Dolphins organization. “The race falls on my birthday, and my greatest wish is to end the slaughter and the ongoing abuse of these beautiful ocean creatures.” 

As portrayed in the brilliant but heartbreaking Oscar-winning film The Cove, Taiji fishermen lure dolphins into the waters of a secret inlet and weed out the ones worth selling to aquariums both in Japan and around the world. The rest are systematically harpooned and then butchered, their toxic meat sold in supermarkets. Local officials and fishermen vehemently defend the 50-year-old drive hunt. About 1,500 to 2,000 dolphins are killed in the cove each year as part of the country’s 20,000-dolphin quota.

Bringing the senseless slaughter to the flat-screen television sets of 79 million race fans is not the only bonus of Münter’s quest.

There’s also autographed swag.

If she can generate the requisite loot for the car’s Cove decal, Ric O’Barry and the film’s director, Louie Psihoyos, will be joining her at Daytona. The two will be signing the 1000 DVDs of the film that will be given away to fans in attendance.


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