Taiji Slaughter: Up to 50 Dolphins Massacred in Notorious ‘Cove’

Blood has returned to the waters of Taiji, Japan.

I see their blood and hear them thrashing. Shame on you!

Tia Butt, the Cove Monitor for Save Japan Dolphins, is reporting that earlier today drive fishermen killed between 35 and 50 striped dolphins.

“I have never seen anything so violent,” wrote Butt, in a post on Save Japan Dolphins. “May their souls rest in peace.”

Her posting to Twitter was even more gut-wreching: “I see their blood and hear them thrashing. Shame on you!”

As portrayed in The Cove, the Oscar-winning documentary starring activist Ric O’Barry, Taiji fishermen lure the dolphins into the waters of a secret inlet and weed out the ones worth selling to aquariums both in Japan and around the world.

The rest are harpooned and then butchered, their toxic meat sold in supermarkets.

Arguing that the hunt is a traditional rite that dates back 400 years, local fishermen have continued to stand strong in the face of severe international pressure to end the bloody ritual.

Prior to today’s massacre, “only” 14 Risso’s dolphins had been killed this year in the infamous Cove, a lower than usual amount that is attributed to days when the fishermen were landlocked because of Typhoons Talas and Roke.