O'Barry on Trapped Dolphins: "They have no chance of surviving this hurricane."

In video footage shot today and posted on YouTube, Ric O’Barry says that up to 15 dolphins held captive at Hotel Dolphin Resort in Taiji, Japan will most likely not survive the wrath of Typhoon Talas, a slow-moving, monster storm set to strike the Japanese coastline on Saturday, September 3.

“You would think that these people, who say that they love dolphins, would let them out of the sea pens, to give them a fighting chance,” laments O’Barry in the video, which was shot by fellow dolphin activist and NASCAR driver Leilani Munter.

Violent seas have pushed back the typical September 1 start of Japan’s annual dolphin hunting season.

Yesterday, thousands of dolphin activists descended on more than 40 Japanese embassies and consulates around the world today to peacefully, but determinedly demonstrate against the start of the country’s annual dolphin hunting season.

As depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, fishermen in Taiji, a tiny coastal village of 3,500, lure between 1,500 and 2,000 dolphins into the shallows of the cove and separate out the ones deemed worthy of selling to an aquarium. The rest are harpooned and slaughtered, their meat sold in supermarkets.