EXCLUSIVE: Heather Graham Gets Hands-On in Cambodia

The actress' passion for helping children takes her halfway around the world.

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EXCLUSIVE: Heather Graham Gets Hands-On in Cambodia
Heather Graham visits children in Cambodia. (Photo: Scott Neeson)

The kids are most certainly not all right in Cambodia. The city of Phnom Penh alone has almost 15,000 children scavenging or begging for more than six hours a day. "Some of the kids have AIDS or hepatitis or have been trafficked before they’re six years old,” says Graham, who decided that she wanted to help “do something” about the situation when she first visited the region in 2009 with CCF founder Scott Neeson. (She had met Neeson on a yoga retreat a decade ago.) Since her first trip, she has joined the CCF board and hosted fundraisers on both coasts. Recently, she returned to Phnom Penh with Neeson and spent a week volunteering with the kids. In her mind, he’s the celeb. “Scott is pretty famous in Cambodia. I'm so inspired to see what one amazing and smart person can do.”

Check out our exclusive gallery below on her recent trip.