Jacob Soboroff

Jacob Soboroff is the co-host and producer of TakePart Live on Pivot. He joined Pivot from HuffPost Live, where he served as host and producer interviewing a range of newsmakers and celebrities and co-anchored coverage of Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting, and special broadcasts following the 2012 presidential debates. In 2012, he contributed to MTV’s election coverage and previously worked with Participant Media as host of the web series Civics In A Minute, a Webby Award honoree. That same year, his TED Talk about American voter participation was featured on the main stage of the prestigious conference. After the election of Barack Obama, Jacob developed a documentary for Participant Media about voting in America. He has also co-hosted and/or contributed to CNN, NPR’s Weekend Edition, the PBS series WIRED Science, NBC’s, “School Pride” and KCET’s “SoCal Wanderer.” While a student at NYU, Jacob was an advance man to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and presidential candidate Howard Dean.

Job Title: 
Co-Host & Producer, 'TakePart Live'

Author Contributions

Why Saturday is a great day for Democracy.
American voter participation is terrible, and has been for half a century. Recent laws rolling back voting rights haven’t made things any better. So why are we still doing things the same way as in the 1850s?
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