This Website Exposes Employers' Maternity Leave Policies

The United States is the only developed nation that does not mandate paid family leave for its workers.
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Nov 16, 2015· 1 MIN READ
Sean Eckhardt is TakePart's editorial fellow.

Nearly half of American workers are women, yet they still face discrimination and inequality in the workplace, especially if they want to have children.

Fairy God Boss is a website that is trying to create transparency when it comes to company culture and policies, providing women a useful way to scope out companies they want to work at and giving human resources professionals a chance to improve. The site functions as a Yelp-like search engine, allowing women to anonymously review, comment, and answer questions about their employers and to learn more about potential employers.

The site gauges companies’ treatment of employees and attempts to clarify company policy on pay equity, maternity leave, and sexual harassment, among other challenges women face in the workplace.

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Georgene Huang, cofounder of the website, was two months pregnant and looking for a job and was struggling to find information on the general working culture and maternity leave policies of the companies at which she sought employment. This experience inspired her and cofounder Rory Newman to found the site.

“I work really hard, but I needed to leave at 6 and not feel judged for it,” Huang said to the New York Post. “That’s not something that’s going to be publicized by a company.”

The United States is the only developed nation in the world that does not mandate some form of paid family or sick leave for its workers, according to an analysis of 22 countries by the Center for Economic and Policy Research. About 44 million full-time workers lack access to paid sick leave, just 12 percent of private sector workers have access to paid family leave, and nearly one in four working moms returns to work within two weeks of childbirth.

Also, women still earn, on average, 78 cents for every dollar in the United States, according to the Department of Labor.

Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as well as President Barack Obama, have been calling on the Republican-led Congress to act on closing the wage gap and mandating paid family and sick leave through new legislation, but so far, there has been no action from Congress on their proposals.

“Everyone could use a guardian angel for their career,” the website reads. "This community of women helps each other navigate the jungle gym of corporate life because we believe sharing is good career karma."