New Developments Out of Baltimore

All the news that’s fit to fix for Friday, May 1.
A woman protests the death of Freddie Gray in front of Baltimore's City Hall. (Photo: Adrees Latif/Reuters)
May 1, 2015· 0 MIN READ
Rebecca McCray is a staff writer covering social justice. She is based in New York.

Here are a few of the latest developments in Baltimore.

New York Protests: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has defended what some felt was an aggressive police response to a Freddie Gray protest held in the city Wednesday night. (via The New York Times)

Gray’s “Rough Ride”: The Baltimore Police Department’s investigation has revealed Gray suffered a serious head injury while riding in the police wagon to the precinct. (via The Baltimore Sun)

Solidarity: Protesters are gathering around the country, from Cincinnati to Philadelphia to Denver, to show support for Baltimore. (via CNN)

The Other Prisoner: Donta Allen, who was in the police van with Freddie Gray, shares his story. (via CBS)

History Repeats Itself: A look at how the 1968 protests in Baltimore set the stage for what happened this month, and a longer look at civil unrest in the face of police violence. (via CityLab and TakePart)

Youth Protesters: Several youth protesters discuss why they have taken to the streets and how they feel about the use of the word “thug.” (via The Root)