Nepal Earthquake: How to Help [UPDATED]

Leaders have asked for international aid for emergency relief and long-term support.
(Photo: Navesh Chitraka/Reuters)
Apr 25, 2015· 3 MIN READ
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

UPDATED May 12, 2015—10:32 a.m.

Another massive earthquake has struck the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, registering a magnitude of 7.3, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Dozens have been reported dead, and entire towns are believed to be isolated from aid in a country that is still mourning the loss of more than 8,000 people killed in a quake nearly three weeks ago, The Associated Press reports.

The devastation from Nepal’s magnitude-7.9 earthquake continues to grow in the worst quake the country has experienced in more than 80 years.

The death toll has reached 7,250, according to numbers released May 3. Along with the devastation in the South Asian nation’s capital, Kathmandu, and the surrounding valley, the strong quake also caused an avalanche that killed at least 17 climbers on Mount Everest and citizens in India, China, Bangladesh, and Tibet.

Deputy Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam has declared a state of emergency, with Kathmandu’s modest hospital struggling to support the more than 14,000 injured civilians. Leaders of the Himalayan country are asking for assistance to support the 28 million people living in the impoverished nation.

“Our country is in a moment of crisis, and we will require tremendous support and aid,” said Information and Communications Minister Minendra Rijal.

Relief organizations around the world are already on the ground working to support the Nepalese people. Here’s how you can support them.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
The group is sending aid teams from India and shipping supplies to Nepal, with an emphasis on women and children: neonatal incubators, emergency learning centers, and community-based support programs for women and children.

American Red Cross
The group is backing up efforts by Nepal Red Cross to respond to the earthquake, including first aid, search and rescue, blood for medical treatment, and support for first responders. It has around 19,000 kits already in Nepal to supply basic material needs for survivors, including clothing, kitchen items, and personal hygiene supplies.

A global emergency response and health organization, AmeriCares has dispatched an emergency response team from its offices in Mumbai, India, to Nepal, and is shipping medical and relief supplies for survivors of the earthquake.

British Red Cross
The international organization built a solar-powered blood bank last year in anticipation of such a national disaster. With emergency responders living in Nepal, trained experts are helping with rescue relief and first aid.

Catholic Relief Services
The group has landed emergency staff in Kathmandu and intends to begin work by helping 10,000 families with emergency shelter and material supplies.

The group is working to assist around 100,000 survivors in Kathmandu with shelters, meals, water purification, and sanitary toilets.

Chaudhary Foundation

The Chaudhary Foundation has distributed more than 500,000 needles and 20 tons of food and water and opened a relief center with doctors on school premises. It has sent goods to other hospitals, orphanages, and trauma centers in partnership with AOL and relocated its relief camps from Kathmandu directly to areas where major destruction has taken place. The foundation wants to start building 10,000 quick homes in the 12 districts that were affected, with each home costing about $500.

Direct Relief
This group focuses on medical assistance. It is coordinating with Nepal-based partners, as well as corporate and technology firms such as Palantir, to help overflowing medical facilities just beyond Kathmandu.

Doctors Without Borders
The French aid organization has sent eight emergency response teams to Nepal, including a surgical team headed for Kathmandu planning to set up mobile medical clinics to reach victims in remote areas.

Global Giving
The American nonprofit has set up a donation page from which a portion of the money received will go to emergency efforts while also focusing on long-term aid in what will likely be a long recovery period for the poor nation.

International Medical Corps
International Medical Corps emergency response teams are on the ground and bringing lifesaving medicine and supplies to earthquake survivors. In addition to medical supplies, the teams will be distributing hygiene kits and water purification tablets to prevent outbreaks of water-borne illnesses, a major problem during humanitarian crises.

Islamic Relief USA
The group has dispatched emergency response teams from India and started a $100,000 appeal to raise funds for humanitarian aid.

Operation USA
This California-based agency has operated in Nepal since the mid-1980s. It is working to send replacement equipment to hospitals there.

Oxfam America
The aid group has technical experts on the ground working to deliver water and emergency food supplies for displaced people.

The company has set up a page for contributions to aid Nepal. One hundred percent of contributions will go to an array of emergency relief nonprofits, including many listed on this page.

The group, which focuses on children's rights and ending child poverty, is trying to reach rural communities beyond Kathmandu, closer to the epicenter of the earthquake, and assess their needs, according to its website.

Save the Children
The nongovernmental agency has been working in Nepal since 1976. Ten percent of the donations made to the Nepal Earthquake’s Child Relief Fund will be set aside to help prepare for another disaster.

The organization states on its donation page that it will be there to help Nepalese children “before, during and after a crisis.”

World Food Program
This group states that it has set up a relief hub at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport to manage common services for the entire humanitarian response to Nepal's disaster, including logistics, information technology, and food transportation.

World Vision
With power out in the city, aid officials are struggling to determine the full impact of the damage. World Vision says its primary concerns are shelter, food, and water. Along with donating on its website, text "NEPAL" to 777444 to donate $10.