Pharrell Is Turning Trash Into Something You’d Want to Wear

No, it’s not a hat, but it will help save the oceans.
Feb 21, 2015· 1 MIN READ
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Want to turn something unfashionable into a trend people would consider? Leave it to Pharrell Williams.

For the second year, the pop star is teaming up with the brand G-Star Raw to offer a clothing line fashioned out of 10 tons of recycled plastic bottles. He's also working with Bionic Yarn—which transforms recycled plastic into textiles—and The Vortex Project, a collective of artists, designers, and architects that supports organizations transforming plastic waste in innovative ways.

The spring-summer 2015 collection includes T-shirts, outerwear, jeans, and caps. Called “Raw for the Oceans,” it’s an effort to shed light on marine pollution.

(Photo: G-Star Raw)

In the United States, bottled water is the fastest-growing drink of choice, and many of the bottles end up floating in the ocean. A recent study found that in 2010, about 600 billion tons of plastic debris entered the ocean. This doesn’t just threaten marine life; it costs about $13 billion a year.

(Photo: G-Star Raw)

It isn’t the first time Williams has been involved in an environmental project. He’s also putting together, with Al Gore, a series of concerts across the world to raise awareness about climate change.

“Raw for the Oceans” will be available in select stores this month.