In This Super Bowl Spoof, a Woman’s Work Is Serving Her Hungry Men

‘Saturday Night Live’ created the ultimate parody of male-centric food commercials.
(Photo: YouTube/'Saturday Night Live')
Feb 1, 2015· 1 MIN READ
Jennifer Swann is TakePart’s culture and lifestyle reporter.

Who’s hungry for pizza rolls?

Men, obviously—and thankfully they have wives to cook them up. It’s a familiar trope turned hilarious in Saturday Night Live’s send-up of Super Bowl commericals in which women wait on their starving, sports-obsessed husbands.

“When it comes to the big game, I love feeding my hungry guys, ”says SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer, whose sweater-clad character isn’t allowed to leave the kitchen except when serving up Totino’s pizza rolls and beer to her husband and his friends.

To pass the time in the kitchen, she breaks open her Totino’s-branded Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women, which includes a set of plastic games, crayons, and cards to keep her busy while she waits to be summoned back to the living room to refill the drinks.

The parody isn’t far off from a legit Totino’s ad: Women are too often presented in snack-centric commercials as docile matriarchs whose biggest pleasure comes from feeding their hungry family, usually with packaged food or frozen dinners.

Totino’s commercials in particular catere to a male audience, typically skewing to kids. In one commercial, a group of adolescent boys at a sleepover sneak into the kitchen to heat up some mischief: pizza rolls. The slogan, “It’s how kids help themselves,” might as well be “It’s how boys help themselves.”

In another commercial, a young boy dodges his mother’s question about a school test by stuffing his mouth with Totino’s pizza rolls. In the brand's latest “Zero to Pizza” campaign, male teenagers lust after female prom dates, “manly” moustaches, and macho motorcycles, but their hunger for masculinity can only be satisfied by Totino’s.

The pizza company’s latest Super Bowl commercial is so laughable that it almost rivals its SNL parody: A bored mom in a sweatshirt decides to reinvent herself as the “cool mom” by shooting cups of Totino’s pizza rolls, Nerf gun style, at the guys on the couch, effectively kick-starting one epic pizza party.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that she may have even used her women’s activity book in the kitchen while preparing the pizza rolls. Because just like SNL’s Bayer, when it comes to the big game, she loves feeding her hungry guys.