The Daily Fix: Lava Creeps Toward Hawaiian Town, Dallas Nurse Is Ebola-Free, and White House Fence Jumper Found 'Incompetent'

All the news that’s fit to fix on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

The lava flow from Kilauea volcano seen near the village of Pahoa. (Photo: U.S. Geological Survey/Reuters)

Oct 28, 2014· 1 MIN READ
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There is a river of lava moving toward homes in the town of Pahoa on Hawaii’s Big Island. According to The Associated Press the lava flow was 70 yards from the nearest house on Monday. It’s almost 2,000 degrees, has already traveled 12 miles, and hardens into black rock once it cools.

The island's Kilauea volcano erupted in June and has been spewing lava since then. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and regularly erupts. Officials in Hawaii are trying to relocate people living in the path of the lava flow. As the lava approached Pahoa's main street, they issued an evacuation advisory for anyone living downflow, and the road is now closed to nonresidents.

Residents of the home closest to the lava flow are “out of the property and awaiting the events to unfold," Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira told The Associated Press on Monday.

In other news…

Fence Jumper Unfit for Trial: The man who jumped the White House fence last week was found “incompetent” during a pretrial screening. On Monday two U.S. marshals had to escort Dominic Adesanya out of the courtroom as he yelled, “Help me,” and said he was a “targeted individual.” (via MSNBC)

MIT Polls Students on Sexual Assault: One out of every six female MIT undergraduates has been sexually assaulted, according to an MIT poll. Only 5 percent of those women reported the crime. (via Reuters)

Good News for Ebola Nurses: Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined in a Newark, N.J., hospital after returning from West Africa, is going home to Maine. Hickox did not exhibit any symptoms of Ebola and tested negative for the disease. She called her quarantine “inhumane.” Amber Vinson, a Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola from Thomas Duncan, has been declared Ebola-free. Vinson was being treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. (via CNN)

Pastor Is Back in the Fold: A Methodist pastor who was defrocked after he officiated his son’s gay marriage ceremony has been reinstated. Though Rev. Frank Schaefer refused to promise to never perform a same-sex marriage ceremony again, the church’s Judicial Council overturned an earlier decision to take away his credentials. (via WREG)

How #Gamergate Gets Down: #Gamergate supporters went to a New Jersey strip club to celebrate the one-year anniversary of website 8chan, the unofficial home of the #Gamergate movement. #Gamergate gained national attention earlier in October when some of its supporters made death threats against journalists who criticized sexism in video games. (via New York magazine)

Don't Believe the Halloween Hype: Some Colorado parents are worried that their children’s Halloween candy will be spiked with pot. Almost all stories of trick-or-treaters receiving drug-laced candy are urban legends. (via Vice)

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