Marine Junk Morphs Into a Chair in This Mesmerizing Video

The group behind the short film will embark on another voyage this fall to collect and recycle more ocean debris.
Jul 13, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Since San Francisco became the first American city to ban plastic bags in 2007, a slew of others have followed suit. But don’t expect plastic to go away anytime soon (other than to the ocean and possibly our plates). Thus U.K.-based design firm Studio Swine last year began tinkering with trash and turning it into some rad-looking furniture. The group, which was behind the short film Sea Chair, will return to the high seas this September to collect more junk and make it useful.

Led by the organization Common Seas, the sailing trip will start from the U.K. and end at the Canary Islands. Besides Studio Swine designers, who this time will trawl for plastic and turn it into a kayak, marine experts will be on board to further study the consequences of pollution on marine life. You can join the voyage remotely, as the journey will be caputred on video.

Or, if you’d like to jump onboard, Common Seas is accepting applications from people interested in helping the crew. You can also make your own sea chair at home. Studio Swine has made instructions (including tips on collecting beachside plastic) available on its website.

The project may not have as big an environmental impact as pollution-sucking islands or a giant ocean cleanup machine. Still, we should all take note: When it comes to solving a widespread problem, creativity and personal responsibility go a long way.